[2015] Lawrence Davis: The Space Race

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[2015] Lawrence Davis: The Space Race

The Space race bgan on August 2,1955. On October 4, 1957 the US was beat when the space craft Sputnik was launched by the Soviets and had its first orbit. The US was beat again when the Soviets sent the first human into space on April 12, 1961. The mans name was Yuri Gagarin. Although the US was loosing the Space Race they made a great comeback when they had sent the first man to the moon. The mission was named Apollo 11. The space

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During the Space Race there was many things that effected both the US and the Soviet Union. When the US challenged the Soviet Union they were expecting the Soviet Union not to put up a fight. When the USSR launched sputnik they came into the competition swinging and they didn't stop. this was affecting the USSR greatly because they were now showing up the US and gwtting good name for themselves. At the same time the US was now being beat by the USSR and had nothing to return.

The Space Race started as an inoccent competition but quicly escalated. On October 4,1957 the Soviet Union launched Sputnik. The launch of sputnick was the start of the of the real Space Race. When Sputnik was launched the US was shocked and angered. It also motivated them to the point that they were the first to land on the moon.

Increase Of Tensions

The Space Race

Impact of Space Race

TheSpace Race

Historical Importance

There is great importance in this event. One example is that the Cold War was ende because of the Space Race. Another example is where we are today with technology. If it weren't for the Space Race there is a posibility we would not be were we are.


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