The Space Creeper

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The Space Creeper

In your own words, what is Spinoff technologyA spinoff is whenyou take somethingand combine it ontosomething else tomake something new!

Ask, Imagine and BuildDescribe your idea for the new Spinoff.Portable hand warmerfor a controller.Put it on the controller,and it will warm yourhands.

Design Review

Create your Own Spinoff

Be a Researcher

It works by warming your handswhen they are cold.It has no weakness.its streangth is that the warmer isportable.

Fireproof JacketIt helps my life byincase there isa fire i will be safe

Ventruculer DiviceIt is a artifficel heart that helps your body

Protective Cool SuitsBuilt in AIr coditonersto cool peaple


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