The Southwest

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The Southwest

The Southwest

Even though the Southwest covers a large amount of land, it has only four states. It stretches from the Colorado river in Arizona to the Gulf of Mexico on the eastern border of Texas.

The Southwest Region includes four states: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. Take a look at this different information and pictures of the region!

Much of the Southwest is deserts, so the climate is hot and dry. During the summer in Phoenix, temperatures can get as high as 115 degrees Farenheit.There is very little rainfall, so the water supply is limited. Aquaducts are used to move water to farms and cities.

The Grand Canyon is the largest and most famous of the many canyons in this region. It runs through 217 miles of Arizona. Parts of the Canyon are a mile deep!

A desert aqueduct

The industries of the region include ranching and mining. The region has vauable fuels and metals to be used. There are over 300,000 oil wells in the region. There are many cattle and sheep ranches, too. The southwest provides to all parts of the united states

an oil refinery

There are many Spanish-American and Native American people living in this region. Their beliefs and traditions impact the culture of the region.

Spanish American Cuisine

Traditional Native American Home


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