The Southern Frontier

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The Southern Frontier

3.How did technical advances impact the economy?~Techniacl advances didn't advance a lot4.How did Eli Whitney’s cotton gin affect the economy of the South?~The cotton gin was used to get the seeds out of the cotton a lot faster making the farmers earn money faster.

1.What was the influence of industrialization on the Southern economy?~Industrialization in the south didn't devolepe a lot they stuck to farming and slaves.A.How did the advancements of the textile mills of the North affect the South’s economy? ~Textile mills got rid of slaves and most people worked in the textile industry.

The Southern Frontier

Steam Boat

Cotton Gin

7.What was the Tredegar Iron Works?~The tredgar iron works was a iron company that made artillerly in the civil war, it was opned in 18778.How did the Transportation Revolution affect trade and daily life in the South?~Transportation in the south changed how farmers sell crops, they wuld take a wood raft down stream sell goods and sell raft and walk back, but with steam boat they could get up stream a lot faster. 9.How did this affect settlement patterns in the South?~The south had a lot of settlers build houses near the river taking away from farmers land. 10.How did the geography of the South impact the economy?~The geography in the south was perfect for farming cotton and that is was most people did, this made them a lot of money and it was the number one export in the US.11. With iron works how did the south remain agrain?~The south remained agrain by using slaves to farm cotton and other plants.

5.How did the cotton gin lead to the cotton boom?~With the cotton gin it was easy to produce cotton, and the Soth was the perfect place to grow cotton. 6.What were the economic effects of the cotton boom for the South?~The cotton gin made farmers sell cotton faster and they needed more slaves to do the work for them.

Iron work


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