The Southern Corroboree Frog

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The Southern Corroboree Frog

The Southern Corroboree Frog

Appearance: The Southern Corroboree Frog comes from Kosciusko National Park. Depending on the different locations they come from, their skin color changes. For example, the ones from Fiery and Brindabella Ranges have yellow and black stripes. The ones from the Snowy Mountains region have brighter yellow stripes than that of the ones from Fiery Ranges. Each frog’s pattern is different.

Why are they endangered?There are less than 300 brightly colored frogs left of this species and so the Corroboree Frog is endangered. No one actually knows why the population is declining. There were a lot of them in the snow fields once but currently it is predicted that contaminated water supplies isn’t the reason their species have decreased, it might be because of sun energy increasing because of the ozone weakening. They have every low density in Australia.

Habitat: They are found in small areas of Snow gum Woodlands and Sphagnum bogs in Kosciuszko, which is one of the coldest parts of the Australian mainland. It is only found at an altitudes above 1300 meters. There are only 3 main populations of the Corroboree fog: the snowy Mountains, Fiery Range and the Brindabella Range. It lives near or on ponds. They are only found in a tiny part of the alpine areas of NSW and Victoria.

ByTea and Sanika

Diet: Young frogs (froglets) eat beetles, bugs, ants, insect larvae and mites. It gets water from lakes.Size: The adults grow to about 25mm but the frogs are tiny!

What’s is being done to help them survive?Since the temperature is affecting the Southern Corroboree Frogs to die, the eggs have being removed and are being held at the Amphibian Research Centre under a controlled temperature. The researchers hope to help the frogs grow and when they are old enough, they want to release them back into the wild. That way, they hope that the species will survive. They have removed decomposing material from each site to make sure, the Southern Corroboree Frogs are able to get food.

What effect will they have is they become extinct?The Southern Corroboree frogs don’t have any natural predators or enemies. They have poisonous skin which shows on their green stripes. It is somewhere near the bottom of the food chain. If the Southern Corroboree frogs became extinct, it won’t really impact the society because not many animals would eat a poisonous frog but since they are very popular, the funding for them may stop.

Temperature: During winter, the temperature dropped below zero degrees in the ponds in their habitats. The temperature can cause the eggs and tadpoles to die.

How can you help?Maybe you could help by volunteering to help save the frogs, donating money to the cause and you could also clean local waterways. You could even join the local frog census survey!

What organization is helping to save the Corroboree frogs from extinction? The University of Canberra, the Australian Conservation Agency, The NSW National Parks and Wildlife service and the Amphibian Research Centre is working on a way to save this species. They are currently capturing some frogs and tadpoles to eventually grow and be released into their own habitat.


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