The Southern Colonies

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The Southern Colonies

The Southern Colonies were Georgia (founded in 1733), Maryland, Virginia (founded in 1607), and Carolina (North(1653) and South(1670)). The fist succesful colony was Virginia. These colonies were all established by Great Britan durring the 16th and 17th centuries. Most of the colonies were founded so that people could practice religion freely. The main religions in the Southern Colonies were Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, and a few Jews.

The Southern Colonies

By: Andre, Hunter, and Oliver

The Southern Colonies had mild winters wich meant that the colonists could thrive through out the year. They also had warm summers and plenty of rain wich made it an ideal place for growing crops. The geography was hilly regions, coastal plains, and a range of forest areas.

Many Jobs were available including Building towns, farming, logging, blacksmithing, dressmaking, merchanting, fishing, and building ships. Farming and logging were the most common jobs. Farmers could produce cotton, indigo, rice, corn, beans, and wheat.

Jobs available

Geography and climate


The Southern Colonies had their own government. Colonists involved in government had meetings to talk about issues,laws, or intrests. The laws that were thought of were required to be approved by the governer and the advisory council. But since most people lived in plantation/ farms wich were far away from eachother most decisions were made at county level.

Most people in the south lived on farms or plantations. each plantation/farm had lots of buildings because each plantation/farm where a couple hundred miles from another so each plantation was like a small village. some colonists had slaves who lived on the plantation/farm the whole life. the southern colonies had the biggest slave population. A few of the colonists could not afford slaves or a life near the coast so they move to the south. Child educationChildren were taught manners, reading, writing, and prayers. The children were taught by there parents until age thirteen and somtimes age twelve women (and girls) wore very heavy clothes while men (and boys) tended to were lighter clothes.

Life in the Southern Colonies



In conclusion the southern colonies would be a very nice place to live. it has a lot of farm land so you wont run out of food very often. There was a good goverment, lots of jobs and good geography. But over all the Southern Colonies was a great place to find a better life.


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