The Southern Colonies

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The Southern Colonies

This colony was started in 1732 to keep the Spanish and French away from South Carolina. The land was given to James Oglethorpe, who later named the land Georgia after King George. Oglethrope wanted Georgia to be a way for poor people and debtors to not be thrown in jail and start new lives. He offered the debtors of England a free trip and a small farms of their own. In 1733, Oglethrope led the first group of settlers to Georgia. He develpoed friendly realationships and traded with nearby American Indians. There were strick rules made to not drink alcohol, own slaves, or elect their legislature. These rules were quickly changed and slaves were brought to work on plantations, as soon as slavery was allowed. Georgia quickly became a wealthy plantation colony like South Carolina.

1607: 1st permanent English Colony. Searched for gold, but there was none, therefore, plantations were started. Plantation workers were indentured servants or enslaved Africans. Plantation oweners became wealthy by growing and selling cash crops (tobacco and rice). New colonists had to settle in the backcountry where the Powhatans lived. Conflict:The colonists were not welcomed, therefore, nativies and colonists were fought, killed and died for land. Government: In 1619, colonist created the first elected legislature to have a voice in the laws of the colony. It was called the House of Burgesses. Colonists elected burgesses, but only planters or other property owners were allowed to vote or be elected. All elected members were from the Church of England or Anglican Church (became offical Church of Virginia). In 1632, Quakers, Puritans and other non-Anglicans had to leave Virgina.

* Along the coast: Rivers, bays, wetlands* Tidewaters*Warm climate most of the year with plenty of rain* Rich and fertil soil


The Southern Colonies


Began in 1632 when King Charles I gave land to Cecilius Calver A.K.A. Lord Baltimore. He wanted to make Maryland a refugee (safe place) for Catholics. 1649: Government passed the 1st law in North America, Toleration Act, which promised all Christians could worship freely.

King Charles II hoped that starting a settlement on land south of Virgina, would keep France and Spain out of the area. Carolina was formed in 1663. The area had good farming, excellent harbors, and rice plantations. The southern part of Carolina grew large and wealthy, while then northern part was not good for farming and grew more slowly than the south. In 1729 Carolina became 2 colonies: North Carolina and South Carolina.

The Carolinas



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