[2015] Liza Kolbunova: The Southern Colonies

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[2015] Liza Kolbunova: The Southern Colonies


James Oglethorpe

James Oglethorpe was an English man who saw that the English jails were crowded with debtors. He sarted a colony in North America for debtors to live in and start a new life on new land. In 1732, King George gave Oglethorpe a charter to start a colony on the new land south of the Carolinas. Oglethorpe named the new colony Georgia. The first settlement in Georgia was named Savannah. Oglethorpe met with the leader of the Yamacraw indians, Tomochichi, and established peace as soon as he came.

Indigo was a popular cash crop in the southern colonies. It is used for blue dye. The first succesful growth of the crop was made by Elizabeth Lucas Pinckney on her farm. Ever since then, indigo has been very profitable for farmers.


By: Liza K..

Southern Colony Towns

Southern colony towns are very interesting. They include many jobs to be done and make a living for your family. You may be a carpenter, balacksmith, shoemaker, and more! Many of our towns are self-sufficient and we rely on ourselves. All our people have their own jobs and we help others in need. We will have leaders in each town to keep the peace in between the people.

If you are looking for a new life, come to the Southern Colonies! There are many jobs to occupy. Help your town to succseed and work together. Your children will get schooling that is free of pay! There are also colleges for your children to go to for extra school. Build farms and make a big living. You may plant indigo and tobbacco to sell and get money and grow more cash crops. Make friends and live on new land. Have a chance to start over, come to the Southern Colonies!


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