The Soundtrack of My Life

by helendipity
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The Soundtrack of My Life

The Soundtrack of My Life

As a child, the first important piece of music in my life was "Sorrow". It was by David Bowie and I remember my best friend and I entered the school talent contest with a choreography. We wore flared trousers. (I didn't have any, because my Mum didn't let me wear them, so my friend lent me a pair of hers!) We tied our school blouse in a knot, showing our tummies, and wrote the word "SORROW" in silver letters across our bare skin. It took forever to scrub off afterwards.

"Ragtime" by Scott JoplinAfter that, I remember the Entertainer, from "Ragtime" by Scott Joplin. I learnt to play this and would play it over and over again on my violin.

"Sparky's Magic Piano"When I was very young, I remember getting up on a Saturday morning to listen to a fabulous radio series for young children. It was called "Sparky's Magic Piano". Sparky was a little boy who had a piano that came to life, when adults weren't listening, and spoke to Sparky in musical tones. He taught Sparky how to play.NB Watch video from minute 3:10 to hear Sparky talking to his piano.



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