The Son of Neptune

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The Son of Neptune

Percy has amnesia because Hera stole his momory, and he stumbles into Camp Jupiter. He is given a quest with Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque to free the god of death, Thanatos. The find Thanatos' location by gambling with the fortune teller Phinneas. When they get to Hubbard Glacier, Alaska, they have to fight a giant to free Thanatos. They win, and bring all the golden weopons back to the fight at Camp Jupiter. Then Percy has to fight another Giant, and wins. The Roman Legion declares Percy "Preator," which is the leader of the legion.

The Lost HeroThe Son of NeptuneThe Mark of AthenaThe House of HadesThe Blood of Olypus

Author's Purpose

To entertain,and inform the reader with Greek and Roman mythology

Trailer for the movie

others will enjoy this book because it appeals to both boys and girlsit is very funny and full of actionthere is a movie based on this book

The Son of Neptune


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My favorite part was when Percy was translating for a horse and the horse said to Frank," I will trample you to death stupid chinese canadian baby man".

I like this book because it is funny and full of action through out the whole book.


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