[2014] Mismismis: The Soldier

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[2014] Mismismis: The Soldier

Rupert Brooke was an English romantic poet.Brooke was born the 3th of august 1887, and when World War one broke out he was one of the first to join the english army. He was personify to the ideal of the English manhood, beacuse of his good looking youth and upper-class background. He was callede "the most handsome man in England". He died in the war in april 1915 on a hospital. He died because of blood poising from a mosquito bite.

The title

"And think, this heart, all evil shed away, A pulse, in the Eternal mind, no less"

The title is "The Soldier" and the poem tells about how it is be a soldier and how you think when you're a soldier. Especially when you're from England. The title is very general, but when you read few lines, you will understand a deeper meaning of being an english soldier. The title creates expectations because you expext to learn how it is to be a soldier in the Great War.


The poem takes place where the soldier has experienced something horrible (war) and starts thinking about life.


The poem shows patriotism because of the great love for his home country, and at the same time it shows the soldiers pride to fight for his home country. Moreover it shows his wish to be remebered.

"The Soldier"


By Rupert Brooke


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