The Solar System

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The Solar System

The Solar System

- ...our sun is the centre of our solar is a sorce of heat,light and solar energy.the sun is basically a big round ball of gas.sunspots sunpots are parts of the sun that are cooler than others.

The Sun

Venusvenus is the 2nd closest planet to the sun and the 6th largest planet in our solar system.Did you know venus has no moons?

Marsmars has a very thin atmoshere made mostly up of carbon deoxide.the temperature around -120 in winter and over 25 in summer.

Earthearth is the only planet known to have living plants and creatures because it is not to close to the sun and not to far away so its exactly the right temperature.

Mercurydid you know mercury isnt atually the hottest planet evan though it's the closest to the sun.Mercury's orbit isn't the perfect circle like other planets.

Jupiterjupiter is the largest planet in our solar is the 5th planet closest to the sun.Jupiter has many moons.four of them bigger than pluto.

saturnsaturn is the second largest planet in our solar system,and the 6th closest planet to the sun.the rings on saturn are made up of millions of ice crystals of all different sizes.

uranusuranus has 27 moons some large some smalluranus takes 84 earth years to orbit the sun.did you know uranus was the first planet discovered by telescope?

neptuneneptune has a total of 13 moons that we know of.neptune has 6 rings that circle the planetneptune was discovered in 1846


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