The Socialist Party of America

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The Socialist Party of America

The Socialist Party of America

By Ruth Secular and Asha Pappajohn

The Socialist Party of America aims to create a radical democracy that places peoples lives under their own control. It is considered to be a non-racist, anti-discriminant, classless, feminist, socialist society in which people work together at work, in the community, and in their homes. This party bases its ideas off of marxism and is not a repressive bureaucracy or welfare state. It is a new social/economical order in which workers and consumers control production while community residents control their community. The society's production is used for the benefit of all humanity, not private profit of a few. Socialism produces a constantly renewed future by not destroying earth's resources.

Capitalists want to take away your rights as a person. If you are a socialist you won't have to fear your rights being taken away.

Many famous Americans were a part of Socialist Parties! Frank Marquart, Sam Orner, Bill Pritchard, Issac Rab, J.A. McDonald, Adolph Kohn, Bill Davenport, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and Taffy Brow were all socialists, so you can be too! There are over a thousand members and more are joining today!

Eugene V Debs, Founder

Watch these video to learn more!

Ideal Socialist Society1. Freedom and Equality2. Production for Use not Profit3. Full Employment4. Worker and Community Control5. Ecological Harmony

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