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The Slave Trade - KC

The Slave Trade

The slave boat

AttentionWe need to get rid of the slave trade now

Slave ships and slavers could be smelt without even seeing them

In the ship, people were only fed once a day. Their food were put in a small bucket. One tub with ten people. Exercise was necessary for their health. They are forced to dance and if their leader doesn't think that their doing a very good job they get flogged with a cat- o-nine-tails ( a whip with nine leather straps)

Consequences Of Slavery - Loss of African culture- Young, healthy, reproductive African people dissapear from their communities- Large numbers of African were killed or died from diseases- Increase tribal warfare

Slave are - Killed- Seperated from family- Tortured - Chained- Forced - Punished - Owned- Yoked - Hanged

Map of the slave trade

African people hanged for a tiny mistake e.g. A baby hurts it hands and started to cry.

A Cat-o-nine-tails. Sometimes they add a piece of metal at the end of the leather straps

Approximately 10 to 15 million enslaved people were transported

In the sixteenth century European made a global trade network that made it possible for resouces they didn't have in Europe be available to be puchased in Europe. Due to poor working conditions and mistreatment of native inhabitants millions of them died. Another thing to this issue was found by how they captured and transported the slaves. The huge profits made by this system allowed Europeans to do more things. Slave traders were amongs the richest people.For hundreds of years, the system destroyed the lives and culture of African people. The African King made their fortunes by trading the African slaves to European. The King were encouraged to make war in order to sell the conquered Africans.

It is unknown how many Africans died from the slave trade but it is estimated that the more people died than the numbers of African who became slaves. African people died:- When they were captured- When they were stored before transportation- Onboard the overcrowded ship- Arrival at the seasoning camp- Once they had been sold as slaves

Most slaves died from:- Poor nutrition - Overbeating- European disease


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