The Skeletal and Muscular System

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The Skeletal and Muscular System

The four types of movable joints:1. Pivot2. Ball-in-Socket3. Hinge4. Gliding

The Skeletal and Muscular System

Voluntary and involuntary muscles.Voluntary muscles are muscles you can move when wanted. They tire more easliy. Involuntary muscles work all the time and you can not stop them.

There are three types of muscles. One is Cardiac muscle, another is Skeletal muscle, the last one is Smooth muscle. Cardiac muscle is a muscle that has stripes and is involuntary. It is only found in the heart. It is your heart muscle.Smooth muscle is non-striped involuntary muscle. It is found in your intestines, blood vessels, bladder and internal organs.Skeletal muscle is striped voluntary muscle. It is the most common muscle in the entire human body.

Two types of joint issues: * Rhuematoid Arthritis is when your own immune system attacks your joint tissue, so when you move it is very painful.* Osteoarthritis is when your cartilage wears down after many years of use. Without cartilage, bones hurt as they rub on each other.

Bones are formed by osteoblasts and broken down by osteoclasts. Osteoblasts build up bone by depositing minerals and calcium to make the bone hard. Osteoclasts break down bone to keep the levels of calcium and phosphorus high or low enough to have your muscles and body work properly.

A bone has many layers to it. The internal layers are Compact bone, Spongy bone and the Marrow cavity. The outer layer is Periosteum.The Periosteum is a tough tight fitting membrane around the bone. Compact bone is right under the Periosteum and gives the bone strength and support. It has calcium and phosphate deposits that make the bone hard. Spongy bone is located at the ends of long bones. It has many holes that have Marrow. In the canter of long bones there is a cavity that contains the Marrow.

The five major functions of the skeletal system are: 1)The skeleton gives shape and suport to the body. 2)Blood cells are formed in the center of many bones. 3)Bones protect your internal organs. 4)Muscles are attached to bones to help them move. 5)A lot of calcuim and phosphorus is stored in bones for later use. The three ways to keep bones healthy:1) Exercising will make bones and muscles stronger.2) Eating calcium will help build bones.3) Eating vitamin D will help absorb calcium.

1) Bones are living. 2) Cartilage acts as a shock aborber and makes movement easier.3) There are movable and immovable joints.4) Bones are not smooth.5) There are more than 600 muscles in your body.6) Muscles move because one muscle contracts while the other relaxes. They work in pairs.7) Muscles attach to ligaments that move the bones.

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