The Six Kingdoms

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The Six Kingdoms

The Six Kingdoms



Archea Bacteria




Archeabacteria are unicellular organisams and were the first organisms on Earth. They are prokaryotes that live in harsh environmanents and do not have an internal membrane.

Fungi can be both harmless and dangerous. They are heterotrophs because they cannot make their own food. They are benifical in ecology because they break down organic material.

Protists are single-celled organisms that contain a nucleus. They reproduce and grow by mitosis or by meosis and fertalization. They are also aerobic organisms that undergo cellular respiration.

Plants are the reason their is life on Earth. They contain chlotophyll and go through a process called photosynthesis to make their own food. Plants are autotophs because they make their own food

Animals are eukaryotic, which means that their cells contain a nucleus. Animals are divided into vertebrates and invertebrates.You and I fall into this kingdom.

Eubacteria make up most bacteria, but are in a different classification than archeabacteria because of their chemical make up. They also don't have a nucleus. Bacteria that obtain energy from the sun are phototrophic


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