The Six Kingdom

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The Six Kingdom

The Six Kingdoms


Archaebacteria-Domian:Archae-Cell Type:Prokaryotic-Cell Number:Unicelluar-Feeding Type:Both Autotroph and heterotrophic

Archaebacteria is different from the other kingdoms because it can be found in extreme conditions where other animals, fungi, cells, and etc. can't live.

Many different phylumns in the archaebacteria can be found in harsh conditions. The methanogens live in animals, the halophiles live in salt water, and the thermoacidophiles live in hot and acidic water of sulfur springs. The three examples of the organisms would be methanogens, halophiles, and thermoacidolphiles.

Hello my name is Brian Methanogens. I am one of the phylums of the Archaebacteria family. I live in a very gushy place which are the animal intestines. All day I would just sit there and break down little chunks of food and give essential nutrients. Whenever I do this, I get a source of energy. Sometimes I would be around with my two brothers: John Halophiles and Casey Thermociadophiles.

Eubacteria-Domain:Bacteria-Cell Type:Prokaryotic-Cell Number:Unicelluar-Feeding Type:Both autotrophic and heterotrophic.

Eubacteria is different from otherkingdoms because it can be found in the world while other kingdomslive in a specific part of the Earth.

The different types of eubacteria can be located almost everywhere, it can be located in streams, and it can be located in very sunny areas.

The three organisms in the eubacteria kingdom would be gram-postive eubacteria, proteobacteria, and cyanobacteria.

Hey other cell people, my name is gram-postive Brandon. I live almost everywhere and can be helpful or deadly. if I was located in your body, I would cause severe strep throat. I would punch and beat up your throat for my training. I would also be helpful and ferment milk to transform into yorgurt. I also creat antibiotics on my free time. I am always next to my three family members. They are: protobacteria(Mom), Cyanobacteria(Dad), and spirochetes(sister).

Protista-Domain:Eukarya-Cell Type:Eukaryotic-Cell Number:Unicelluar and Multicelluar-Feeding Type: Both autotrophicand heterotrophic.

Protists are different from other kingdoms because it shares a little of plants, a little of animals, and a littile with fungi.

Protists can be found in wet areas, tree trunks, and in other organisms or creatures.

Three organisms in the protista kingdom would be sarcodines, water molds, and green algae.

My name is James Water Mold.My friends call me WM short for water mold. Obviously I live in very wet areas like the ocean, pond, and etc. Since, I am called the water mold, I have to live in water. My looks are not that pleasing because I look like a fuzzy covering. People like my friend Judy Slime Mold looks beautifully colored, but I am not. I do numrouse things in my life that are very hurtful and extremely deadly. I wouldn't recommend you coming next to me. I attack crops, kill humans, and feed on decaying fish and other animals that live in the wet areas. I am around with Judy Slime Mold as I mentoned, and another friend named Butter Downy Mildew.

Fungi-Domain:Eukarya-Cell Type:Eukaryotic-Cell Number:Unicelluar and multicelluar-Feeding Type:Heterotrophic

Fungi is different from other kingdoms because you can make things with fungi and when it feeds on decaying animals or dead things, it can make soil for the plant to grow.




Three organisms in fungi are molds, yeast, and mushrooms.


Fungi can be found in moldy food, forest floors, on decaying animals, athlete's foot, and woods.

Greetings, I am Mushroom Mario. I live in all kinds of places. I can live on forest grounds, in meadows, in dark areas, and in hot places. What I do is I try to get all the water from the air moisture to collect as food. Many fungi are next to me such as: yeasts, different types of other mushrooms, and molds that grow on decaying things.





Plantae-Domain:Eukarya-Cell Type: Eukaryotic-Cell Number: Multicelluar-Feeding Type: Autotrophic

Plantae is different from other kingdoms because they use the sun to make their own food.

Organisms in this plantae kingdom can be found in wet areas, hot places, and dry places.

The three organisms in plantae are trees, flowers, and ferns.

Hello I am Aaron Flower. I am one of the most common plants you can see in the world. I live almost everywhere on the Earth, except for very freezing places and in water. I can live in hot mountains, the grass, forests, and even in someone's backyard. I do very boring things in my life. All I can do is look at the sun, get energy from it, spit out oxygen, and breth in carbon dioxide. It doesn't sound like fun, right? But good thing I have some friends next to me. I have trees around me, ferns, and even bushes get along with me.



Animalia-Domain: Eukarya-Cell Type:Eukaryotic-Cell Number: Multicelluar-Feeding Type: Heterotrophic

The organisms in kingdom anaimalia are different from other kingdoms because they are more inteliigient and can communicate with other animals.

The organisms in kingdom animalia are found based on how they can survive in the enviroment. Such as penguins living in cold areas, lizards living in deserts, and elephants in rainforests.

The three orgamisms in kingdom animalia would be birds, squirrels, and elephants.

Hey other animals! My name is Birdy the Bird. You see me all the time in the sky. I can either fly fast ot fly slow. I live in all kinds of places. I live in trees, in the ground, and somewhere else that si very high like mountains or hills. I would always sly and look for food. It is very hard to find food if you are somewhere else. When I fly or look walk around, there are a lot of animals that are around me. Obviously I would be next to birds, but I even be around bunnies, raccoons, and ducks while traveling.




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