The sisterhood of the traveling pants

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The sisterhood of the traveling pants

Carmen the most introspective of the girls and thinks about how friendship can be taking for granted the most. She is also the most depending on her friends and family. But she is the most insecure about fiting in.Tibby is scarastic and judgemental. Although she is judgemental is never judges her friends at all. She also has a nose ring and came from a former-hippie parents. Lena is very beautiful,everyone calls "beautiful Lena." She is shy, quiet, and very conscious of her self. She has difficulty connecting with people and stands in the shadows another friend. Bridget is very free-spirited and is confident. She is also courageous and is more daring than her friends. She does not like to be indoors, she would rather be doing something outside.

Main characters

The setting is in present time. There are alot of different places that the girls travel to like Greece,Baja-California, Mexico, South Carolina and Maryland.



One night before the girls leave to go off somewhere elso for the summer, Carmen decided to go to the thrift store and and buy some jeans that are worn and has some bleach stains that cost $3.49. They decide to give the pants to whoever fit the best, but they later found out that the pants were magicial pants. The pants fit every person even though the four girls have different builds. They dicide that they will mail there pant to the girls over the course of the summer. When one girl has the pants they find themselves in a diffucult situation and the pants play a key role.


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By: Ann Brashares

The Sisterhood of the traveling pants


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