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The Sister 8

The Sisters 8By: Lauren Baratz-Logsted

SummaryThe story is about eight sisters (octuplets), who all live in a house near the woods. One night their parents were getting some eggnog and fire- wood but they never came back, there parents have disappeared or died. The kids found a note in there mothers drawing room, and it told them about how each child has been possess with a power and gift, and if each child discovers it, they will reveal what happened to there parents. The octuplets have to try and find six-teen different gifts and powers. Will they make it without their parents through out this whole adventure?


There are nine books in the series • Annie's Adventures• Durinda's Dangers• Georia's Greatness• Jackie's Jokes• Marcia's Madness•Petal's Problems•Rebecca's Rashness• Zinnia's Zaniness• The Final Battle ... For Now

Big IdeaEight sisters who are trying to find their parents that disappeared or died.Each child has a gift and power to try to find.• Family• Courage• Teamwork

Cliffhanger" I have the feeling that whoever or whatever is behind all of this, the answer lies there.""She took a deep breath, then spoke again. "I think," she said, "our adventures are only just the beginning."









Setting:Where: In a huge house near the forest.When: In 2007 in around January

AuthorLauren Baratz-Logsted= has also written books for adults, teens and tweens. Before she was a writer she was a bookseller, reviewer, freelance editor and a sort-of librarian for eleven years.Greg Logsted= Is Lauren's husband, and he wrote a tween novel too.Jackie Logsted= Is Lauren's eight year old daughter.

Fact:I put the sisters in order by age, they are octoplets and they are each one- minute apart of age.

The book I read.

I chose this book because someone recommended it to me.I enjoy It very much. RATE: 8.5/10Because when you start reading you would not want to put the book down, You would want to keep reading, but the book is'nt that exciting to rate as a 10/10.

Main Characters:




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