The Sioux Nation

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The Sioux Nation

The Sioux Nation

The Sioux Nation lived on the plains of North America. They lived as far north as Wisconsin and Canada and as south as Texas.

The Sioux's main food was buffalo. They also ate beef jerky called wasna, turnips, berries, roots, and herbs.

Their main shelter was tipis made of buffalo hides. The tipis could be put together and taken apart very easily. Six people could fit in one tipi.

They made their clothes from buffalo hides and dyed them different colors by using berries, leaves, grasses, and flowers. The women wore fringed dresses. The men wore fringed shirts and breechcloths. They all wore moccasins.

They lived together in villages. The men searched and hunted for buffalo, and the women made tipis. The boys learned to hunt with bows and arrows, and the girls played with tiny tipis and dolls and learned how to cook.


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