The Silmarillion

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The Silmarillion

The SilmarillionMatthew Buie

- There was Eru, the One, who in Arda is called Iluvatar; and he made the first Ainur, the Holy Ones.-pg. #15- Then the Ainur were afraid, and they did not yet comprehend the words that were said to them; and Melkor was filled with shame, of which came secret anger.-pg. #17

Earendilsymbolizes bravery for middle-earth

Conflict:between Meldor and the citizens of Middle-EarthSetting:takes place in northern Middle-EarthClimax:when Earendil begs the gods to help fight MelkorProtagonist:Earendil, was the bravest man of his timeGenre:fantasyResolution:the people of middle-earth prevailPoint of View:the narrator's perspectiveTheme:parallel of the history of our worldCharacterization as shown by two other characters:Feanor becomes very selfich and arrogant and Melkor grows in malice and cruelty


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