The Silk Roads

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The Silk Roads


Anna Clarkson



It is important to know that there was not just one specific trade route leading towards the west from China. The Silk Roads refers to movement of travelers to trade from China to more western areas beginning during the Han Dynasty.


1. What were motives for the interaction?Motives for the interaction began with Wu Di as the ruler of the Han Dynasty in 220 B.C.E. Wu Di was a strong and powerful ruler who wanted to leave a legacy of having an immense effect on the Chinese civilization and daily life. The Silk Roads was considered one of his main and major accomplishments during his rule. He created it so the, before isolated, Chinese could interact and work with people of other countries and areas. Now Chinese goods could be introduced around the world. There importance and status would shoot up along with the fact that now they could trade with other countries for goods and services they needed but had no access to before. These same motives is what made the Silk Roads continue to be a success throughout China's history.2. What were conditions like for the travelers?Conditions for the travelers varied in terms of which route one took. Some routes ran close to the mountains and others curved the outside of a desert. It was also dependant on how many materials one was bringing along, the mode for transportation, and how far away his destination was from the starting point. If there was a good trade in the end, then it was all well-worth the travel and the time.3. How did these interactions affect politics, religions, societies, and economics?After traveling to another area, it is only natural to pick up some of their customs to bring back and apply to your own life style. Common ideas and interests in running an organized government were shared. Religions and views on how one should live their life shedded off from one person to another. Whichever customs were appealing were brought back to the oringinal via the trader, for example.


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