The Sign of the beaver

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The Sign of the beaver

The sign of The Beaver

The sign of the beaver characters are Matt who is smart,has a indian as a friend, lives alone in a cabin in the woods,teaches his indian friend how to learn the ABC's and how to read.The next charcter is attean he hunts,get tought by matt,lives with a tribe,and when he kills a animal he does not eat the animal. The next character is atteans dog he is a hound that is badly ingured and has a little bit of blood on him becuase he has been in fights.One Atteans dog was in a trap so Matt and someone named Marie hepled the dog get free from the trap.The next character is Matt dad he left Matt so he could go get the rest of the family .So some days Matt would think when is my family getting back why are they not back where are they.When you keep reading later on in the book Matt family is home for Christmas and they spend Christmas together.The setting is in the woods and in Matt's cabin because that is where Matt teaches Attean his ABC's and how to read and in the woods Attean teaches Matt how to hunt.

Written By: Elizabeth George SPeare

Character and setting

What happened first

The first event that happens is when Matt and his father are in the woods but then Matt father leaves and Matt is all alone.Then he looks for a cabin that he lives in.Then later on in the book Matt wants some honey so he looks for a bee hive and finds one but he got stung so he jump in the nearest water and tired stop stop the stinging and get the bee's off of him but instead he just got tangled up in some weeds in the water and could not come up for air but he could not so he kind of past out.When he woke up he there were two figrues around Matt looking at him and then Matt fully woke up and saw that it was a boy and his grandfather that had untagled him from the weeds.Next Matt and the boy became friends.The littles boys name was Attean.Then later on in tthe book Matt starrts teaching Attean how to learn his ABC's and how to read.After one day of learning Attean took Matt fishing and they had fun.

Main events

How did the story end?

The main events is when Attean brought his dog and the dog did not like Matt then later on in the book Attean's dog was in a trap so Matt and some gril named Marie helped the dog get free and now Attean's dog likes Matt. Then near the end of the book Atteans tribe is having a party and they are eating a bear that Attean killed.During the party they danced ate the bear and they did it all night.The last main event is when Matt's family comes home and they are all so happy and Matt's family is saying we made it home for Cristmas and they are all just so happy.Oh i almost for got another main event Atteans tribe leaves for the winter and Attean wants Matt to go but Matt's like i need to stay here and wait for my family.

1.The book is going to get you on the edge of your seat and make you want to read more. 2.Shows friend ship and a lot of character trates.3.Makes you feel like you are inside the book being one of the characters.

Three reason why you should read the book!

Main events


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