The Sign of the Beaver

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The Sign of the Beaver

Author: .Elizabeth GeorgeSpeare

Title:TheSign 0f the Beaver.....

Main Events One main event that happend was when matt went to the indian tribe and danced and ate with them. Another main event is when matt and atean go to the beaver damp and atean shows matt the sign for going to the damp.

Settings. Cabin: Matt's dads house,he was incharge till his dad comes back. Forest:

Characters. Matt: 13 year old boy was left alone byhimself in his fathers cabin, he was scared and daring in some sutuations . Attean: Was a indian boy searching for his manitou, dosent talk alot, he took reading lessons from matt in return of food every day..Saknis: Grandfather of Attean, very nict to matt, not talkative, and was the cheif of the tribe.

The Sign of the Beaver

Elizibeth George Speare

Newbery medal


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