The Sidewinder

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The Sidewinder

Physical DescriptionStout body,Broad head, Hornlike scale above each eye,Pale gray or light brown body, Row of large dark brown spots down the back and a White underside.

MovementThe Sidewinder moves in a distinctive sideways motion as the name implies the sideways motion allows the Sidewinder to have the least amount of skin touching the hot sand, it also allows them not to slip in the loose sand


Crotalus cerastes


The Sidewinder Moving

Sidewinder eating its prey

Sidewinder front view

Adaptations Can have up to 18 young per litter. In the morning the Sidewinder sunbathes for energy. The Sidewinder is pale brown with dark spots to help the Sidewinder blend in with the desert.The Sidewinder ranges from about 45cm - 76cm, the Sidewinder is primarily nocturnal except in winter when it stays under the sand to keep warm and to stay camoflaged The Sidewinder hunts during daytime, to assist with the hunting the Sidewinder is venomous.

Sidewinder's DietThe Sidewinder's Diet consists of mainly of small rodents such as the Kangaroo Rat and lizards.

The Sidewinder's tongue is used for sensing its sorroundings

Where the Sidewinder lives

The Sidewinder buried under the sand for protection and to keep warm

Sidewinder Close-up


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