The Siberian Taiga

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The Siberian Taiga

Kingdoms of Life- Animal Kingdom: all animals mentioned- Plant Kingdom: all plants mentioned- Fungi Kingdom: Lichen species- Bacteria Kingdom: Nematodes-Protist Kingdom: Protozoans

The Diversity of LifeThe diversity of life in the eastern siberian taiga is very extensive due to its different climates. The northern region has more snow, but as you move down south the area becomes drier. The types of species in this biome vary on their location.


The Interconnectedness of Life- many species of producers and consumers- Example: Siberian Spruce are a major tree which is considered a producer in the Siberian taiga. Moose and porcupine tend to feed off of the twigs and bark from the tree. Animals like minks and wolverine feed off of those animals and so on.

Adaptions- migration and hibernation (most birds, garter snakes, chipmunks, etc.)- thick layer of feathers or fur for insulation (siberian tiger)- fur that changes color for protection from predators (ermine)- Evergreen survive harsh taiga conditions (aka coniferous trees)

The 10% Rule:The diagram to the left is not exactly set up into a pyramid form but it is categorzied into four different levels starting from producers, at the bottom, to the tertiary consumers, at the top. In between those to levels are the primary and secondary consumers, respectively. From every trophic level, only 10% of the energy is transferred.


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