The Shunning

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The Shunning

The Shunning by Beverly Lewis



In the story, Katie has been disobeying the chuch her whole life and making her own rules for herself. This finally creates a huge conflict in the community when Katie is found playing a guitar alone, and not playing music that has been approved by the bishop. She agrues with her parents about why this is wrong, and she tells them that it is what she loves.

Book report


"The Shunning" is a fictional story that takes place in an Amish town called Hickory Hollow. This town is mainly all Amish, meaning that they are also all under the power of the bishop and the church. This town is located in Pensylvania, where a huge population of the Amish currently live.



After Katie is found disobeying the Church, and was playing music on her own, she was finally shunned.This meant that she had to leave the community, and no one from her community could talk to her or communicate with her. She was basically exiled, and was sent to live on her own.

After Katie is shunned, she decides to leave HIckory Hollow in general, and go find another place to live. She decides to go and find her mother and talk to her about her actual birth and history.

This story is fictional, and it is not based on a real Amish girl's life. This is very common, though, and so it is also realistic fiction.

The protagonist in this novel is Katie Lapp. This is who the story is about and who we are able to have different emotions toward throughout the book. We follow her story and can feel exactly what she feels as we follow her life.



The theme of this novel was to always stay true to what you believe, not what others have made you believe. Katie had struggled with always listening to what others had believed and told her instead of listening to her heart and acting upon what she believed.


The characterization of Katie Lapp in this novel was indirect. She was slowly introduced by the author through her actions and by describing who she was in the town and who plays what roles within the community. They talked about her mother and then they were able to introduce who Katy was and how they were related. They also talked about a woman by the name of Ella Mae Zook, and the role that she played in the community, which also lead to introducing Katy.

This book was written and told in the third person. The author introduced Katie and all of the other characters by showing us the town they live in, giving us its history and events, and then she gave us the histroy of Katie's life, and how she came to live in Hickory Hollow.

Point of View

p. 132, "Never would she step so far from the hold as to be shunned..."

p. 96: "There's just not many left around these parts who live the way the Lord God intended from the beginning."

Katie lapp:Kind, courageous, confident, mature, sensitive,d.dmo


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