[2014] Jschubert29: The shipping News

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[2014] Jschubert29: The shipping News

The Shipping News

Setting:Killick Claw, NewfoundlandEarly 1990's

"Proulx's writing is lyrical, affecting, and at times laugh-out-loud funny" -The New york Times"It was the perfect marriage of style and setting. Excellent characterisation and plotting too."-Protland Oregonian"The novel's cadence enraptures the reader, carrying you away to a harsh but beautiful place where the people who live by the sea are strong and, deep down, warm."-New Times (L.A.)

Themes & Symbols:-Social and Generational Changes-Family Roots and History-Knots-The Quoyle's House-Weather

I would recommend this novel to anyone interested in reading a simple tale with a deeper meaning. Annie Proulx manages to make her writing reflect the scenery perfectly. She develops very realistic and believeable characters while still telling a deep, meaningful, and humorous story. Proulx uses powerful symbolism as well as excellent decriptive language to paint a picture of the life of a man and his struggle to find solid ground.


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