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The Shining

Author: STephen King

The Shining

Name: Ethan Urbanski Date: 10-26-14

The Shining begins with Jack Torrance being interviewed for the caretaker's job at the Overlook Hotel in Colorado. The hotel needs to close for the winter, but can't be left unattended. The Overlook's manager, Ullman, is concerned about giving Jack the job. He doesn't want Jack and his family (his wife, Wendy, and his five-year-old son, Danny) too go crazy when they are completely isolated at the hotel once it snows in. Jack was fired from his teaching job at a Vermont Prep school, after losing his temper, and that he's a recovering alcoholic; Ullman knows this.


To the minute the Torrences arrive at the Outlook, nothing has been the same. Strange, unexplained, supernatural things occur. After learning about his gift Danny sees dried blood on the walls of the presidential suite. Danny is spooked but he doesn’t show his emotion. One weird night Danny sees Redurm and Tony in the mirror causing him to fall into some sort of seizure, that basically freezes him. This incident scares Wendy because Jack was on the verge of loosing his temper again. Danny goes to Room 217; He has the passkey and is dying to go in there. His curiosity is really strong, but he remembers promising Halloran he'd stay away from the room and runs away.

"I figure there's maybe forty-fifty people died in this hotel since my grandfather opened it for business in 1910." (81)

At this point a number of weird things happen to the Torrences and Wendy starts to worry about the things that are happening. Danny decides to go back to Room 217. This time his curiosity is too much for him and he goes into the room. In the bathtub, he finds the rotting corpse of a naked woman! He runs to the door but can't get it open; Danny then feels the corpse's hands on his neck. When Jack and Wendy find Danny he is in a bad state, and has bruises all over his neck. Wendy immediately suspects Jack and locks herself in the bedroom with Danny. Jack goes down to the bar and imagines having drinks in it. This is the turning point of the book and when REDRUM begins..

"You shine on, boy. Harder than anyone I ever met in my life, and I'm sixty years old this January" (232)

"During our first winter I hired a family instead of a single man. There was tragedy. A horrible tragedy." (34)



Danny gets a vision that Redrum will happen soon so he gives Halloran a very strong psychic call for help. Halloran is on his way, Jack goes to bar again this time it is stock and he gets drunk. Wendy finds Jack passed out behind the bar, totally drunk. When she wakes him up, he grabs her ankle and starts to threaten her. Jack begins choking Wendy, and she hits him in the head with a wine bottle. Wendy locks Jack in the pantry, while in the pantry Jacks tells himself that he needs to punish Wendy and Jack for betraying him.

Main ThemesFamily Violence Supernatural Time Versions of Reality Isolation Morality

Tony is an imaginary friend that Danny perceives, during a nap Tony comes into Danny's dream. Tony takes Danny on a journey to a dark and snowy place with a big building. Danny sees someone chasing him with a mallet, and the word REDRUM appears in a mirror. In another room, Danny sees a dead woman rotting in a bathtub. This is foreshadowing. When the Torrances move into the Outlook they meet Dick Halloran, the Overlook's chef. Halloran notices something about Danny. When they talk privately, he tells Danny the ability is called "shining." Halloran has the ability, too, he warns him to stay away from room 217.

The Weird Stuff

Jack escapes the cellar and is on a wild goose chase with Wendy, ends up hitting her a couple of times and forces her to hide. Halloran has arrived to the Outlook but is hit in the head by Jack. Jack is now looking for Danny. Danny is meeting Tony face to face for the first time. It's revealed that Tony is Danny, ten years in the future. Jack finds Danny but of part of Jack is still left and tells Danny to run away. Danny, Wendy and Halloran escape while Jack tries to fix the boiler before it blow. The bolier blows. The novel ends the following summer. Wendy, Danny, and Halloran are at the Maine resort where Halloran works. Wendy and Danny are moving to Maryland to start a new life.

"Hello, Boys, I've been away but now I'm back." (972)


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