The Shining

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The Shining

The Shiningby Stephen King

Wendy Torrance is a caring mother and wife who loves family and does everything to keep her's together and happy.

Jack Torrance is a failed author, trying to improve his life for the sake of his family.

Danny seems like a normal boy, but has a 6th sense...

The Shining is a part of the horror genre. It's a book to take slowly, not only because of the advanced language, but because you're scared of what horror lies on the next page...


The Shining is set in the secluded Overlook Hotel, a famous and luxry hotel... But it has a dark past. The Torrance family is trapped in the hotel for the whole of a winter

Trapped with your folks... scary, right? Now imagine your dad's possesed.

Jack Torrance has the chance to prove himself after getting over alcoholism, getting a job at the Overlook, but things go from pleasant to sinister when Danny starts seeing things...


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