[2015] Shawn Nakayama: The Shawnee tribe

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[2015] Shawn Nakayama: The Shawnee tribe

ShelterThe traditional Shawnee shelter was a wigwam, though the wigwams changed during the seasons.The summer wigwam was rectangular in shape and had an arched roof, though meanwhile during the winter season’s wigwam had a circular shape, with a domed roof.

LocationThe Shawnee were a semi-migratory tribe. At times, they inhabited areas spanning Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.

Interesting FactsThe Shawnee were very warlike. They fought in almost every war of the Old West. They were feared because they liked to torture their prisoners.

The Shawnee Tribe

By ~ Shawn

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FoodThe Shawnee mainly ate beans, squash, and corn. These 3 were known as “The 3 sisters”. They also used berries in their soup

ClothingThe Shawnee mostly made their clothing from animal skin. The women wore skirts and pants, while the men wore pants. Both man and women wore ponchos in cool weather.


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