[2015] Tyler Sandy: The shasta tribe

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[2015] Tyler Sandy: The shasta tribe

Other TribesNear the Shasta tribe lived the Konomihu tribe and the new river Shasta tribe.

HousesShasta houses are rectangular and 3 feet deep with a peak at the top. Their fireplaces were in the center of the house. They have straw mats as doors.

LocationThe Shasta tribe lived in Northern California and Southern Oregon.They lived in forests and mountains up to 2500 feet of elevation.

The Shasta Tribe

Shasta tribe chief

ToolsShasta Indians made canoes out of hard wood.For fishing they use lines and hooks.For hunting they used spears made out of obsidian.


ClothingClothing was made with deer skins,woman wore two piece aprons.Men wore shorter aprons.


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