The Shang Dynasty

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Social Studies
Ancient History

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The Shang Dynasty

Ancient China

This oracle bone from the time pf the Shang Dynasty is engraved with an inscription

In ancient times, early China farmers settled on the North China Plane, near the Yellow River. The Shang Dynasty ruled from 1700 to 1122 B.C.E

The Shang Dynasty

Social Classes

Ancient China

Oracle Bone

Ancient China's Shang Dynasty social classes were divided into six social the highest class was the Kings and his family, then it went nobles, artisans, traders, farmers, and slaves.

Around 1045 B.C.E., the Zhou dynasty, a group of people I'm the northwestern China, moved to the central plains. They overthrew the Shang dynasty and made a new dynasty. For several years the Zhou Dynasty ruled over the states of China. But then in the later years, wars happned between these states and plunged China into disorder. The Zhou Dynasty thought they had been given the Mandate of Heaven, a divine right to rule over China.

The Zhou Dynasty


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