The Shang Dynasty

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The Shang Dynasty

Some inventions that were invented during the Shang dynasty are drums, paper, bells, compass, gun powder, and pottery.

People used cowrie shells as money. They used these in the early 1800 BC. Since cowire shells are hard to find they seitched to metal coins.

During the Shang Dynasty had chairots. They were stronger that some near by nomads. They also had bronze tools.

Two major/lastest emperors during the Shang Dyansty are Cheng Tang and Wai Bing.

The Shang Dynasty

The Shang Dynasty lasted about 700 years.

Some jobs that were in the Shang Dynasty are slaves, amry men, government workers, and farmers. The people started to divide everyone into rich and poor people The Shang Dynasty lasted for about 700 years.

Pottery made during the Shang Dynasty.

Cowries shells was the money they used before the made metal coins

Farming was a popular job during the Shang Dyansty.

Chinese empoer Cheng Tang

Chinese empoer Wai Bing


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