The Shang Dynasty

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The Shang Dynasty

This buffalo sculpture, made of Jade, shows the interest of Shang artists in animals and nature, along with their skill at Jade carving.Source:

The Shang practiced worship of their ancestors, and created religious artwork like me to honor them.Source:

Lu Yanguang, the subject of this piece of ancient Shang art, was the first woman ruler in chinese history. She commanded a Shang army of over 10,000 warriors.Source:

Vocabulary:Yellow River Valley - where the Shang dynasty originated. The dynasty later spread well north, west, and south to the Yangzi River Valley.Shang - dynasty in ancient China, lasted from 1750 B.C.E to 1027 B.C.EDivination - Shang practice of interpreting signs, such as cracks on a tortoise shell, as heavenly predictions.Bronze - a very important resource to the Shang. Bronze objects indicated wealth and social status, and were used abundandantly in religious ceremonies. Bronze also made powerful weapons.

This is a tortoise shell used for divination from the Shang period (1750-1027 B.C.E). The Shang interpreted the cracks of the shell as godly messages and predictions of the future.Source:

The Shang loved wine, and many intricately decorated wine vessels survive from the era. This is a ceremonial wine vessel in the shape of a bird from the late Shang dynasty, between 1300 and 1027 B.C.E.Source:

The Shang Period (1750-1027 B.C.E) by Kyle Dunne (pd. 7)



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