The Shadows of the Past

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by nataliesjursen
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Social Studies
American History

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The Shadows of the Past

The shadows of the past

My opinion and impressions

They tried to genocide all the Inians by giving them infected blankets. The diseases they tried to transfer was smallpox, measles and influenza along with other diseases. I think that was bought dumb and cruel. What the Europeans also got infected, by the indians?

When the Europeans entered America, they met the Indians. But the Europeans did not come there to meet the Indians and therefore they tried to chase them away in a brutal way. I think that was unfair cause the indians were there before the americans even knew they existed.

Europeans arrival

The Idian removal act is a law that the US Goverment made to remove the idians from the areas they needed. The law counts regardless of if the indians agreed to move or not. The Goverment passed it in 1830. Because of this law approximately 4,000 Indians lost their lives.

The plains indians lived on the plains and they were hunting buffaloes. Hunting these buffalos gave them food, clothes and tools. Then the whites came along and started putting up railways across the plains. This ruined the hunting belonging to the indians. And I think it is totaly unfair to mess up the indians lifes when they were there a long time ahead.

How did the europeans take over?


The Indian Removal Act

The buffalo


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