The Sewing Machine

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The Sewing Machine


The sewing machine was invented by Elias Howe in 1834. Although Howe wasn't the first to come up with the idea of a sewing machine, he is the one credited with the invention. This invention greatly sped up the sewing process and changed the way sewing was done for the better.

Because Howe's machine was the most successful and practical of all the previous inventors, he is credited with the invention of the sewing machine. Howe's design for the machine consisted of a needle with the eye at the point which carried the thread forward and a shuttle underneath the fabric to lock the stitch. The method of sewing provided the name for the invention, the lock-stitch sewing machine.

How did the sewing machine work?

The sewing machine had a huge impact on industry and society. It revolutionized the clothing industry by allowing tailors to stitch much more quickly than in the past. This invention altered society by allowing mothers to spend less time with a needle and thread in their hands and more time with family. Howe's invention transformed sewing from a chore to a craft.

Elias Howe

The sewing machine keeps seeing improvements as technology and the understanding of machines betters. This invention is still widely used today in our homes, factories, and world. The sewing machine continues to greatly speed up the grueling process of hand sewing and transforms the duty into a craft.

Where do we see the sewing machine today?

How has the sewing machine impacted our world?


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