The seven parts of the Catechumenate

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The seven parts of the Catechumenate

The second step is where the inquirer freely chooses the next step of becoming a catechumen, the church chooses or elects them as a sign of it's acceptance. The Catechumens are given a title: the Elect. Their names are enrolled in those to become members of the church.


As the sort-of "pre" step, the Period of Inquiry is also the Pre-Catechumenate, or Period of Evangelization. It is the beginning of faith, stirrings of repentance, and practice of prayer.


Historical Context The RCIA process is the one through which adults, and now children who are 7 years and older enter the Catholic Church. In the 1970's, the Second Vatican Council chose to revise the liturgy, it chose to restore the Catechumenate under the RCIA process.

The third step of the catechumenate, is when the elect celebrate the Sacraments of Christian Initiation. The sacraments include Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist.

This period coincides with the season of Lent. It involves prayer, fasting and works of mercy.


The first Step is the Rite of Acceptance, where the individual is accepted into the Order of Catechumens. This is the first public step made by the inquirer.

This step is a time of spiritual and catechetical formation. It involves the whole person:-Emotions-Spiritual-Intellect-Physical Self-All one's gifts and weaknessesParticipate in Liturgy, dismissed after Lit. of Word.

The Final Period of the Catechumenate is the Mystagogy, which is the step we exist in until we die. It is a Post-Baptismal catechesis, when we are to study the Mysteries.

Rite of Acceptance



Period of The Catechumenate


Rite Of Election

The Seven Parts of the Catechumenate


Purification and Enlightenment

Period of Inquiry

Sacrament and Initiation


After mystagogy the elect are known as Neophytes

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