The Setting In Shelley's Frankenstein Incorporate

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The Setting In Shelley's Frankenstein Incorporate

The Occasion in Shelley's Frankenstein incoporates imagery typical of the Romantic movement and specifically, the Gothic subgenre.It reads almost like a travelogue of Europe which is a very physical manifestation of the journey in the Bildungsroman.

St PetersburgGenevaIngolstadtChamonixItalyEnglandScotland Ireland

Romantic landscapes inspired not only the great writers of the period, but also painters and musicians. Mary Shelley went into great detail to demonstrate the supremacy of the nature over mankind.

Victor's travels:

Not Gothic enough to rate a visit.

The frame of the narrative takes place in the frozen northernmost reaches of Europe, beginning with St. Petersburgending in the Northern sea

He is born in the more temperate and nuetral environs of Geneva Switzerland, and educated in gothic Germany.

He first meets his creation in the very cold, barren region of the Alps known as Chamonix

Both Safie and Elizabeth find refuge in Italy.

Fun fact:

Turkey is mentioned and described indirectly.


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