The senses.

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Human Anatomy

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The senses.

SIGHT Light reflected from an object enters our eye throught the cornea and the pupil. The iris controls the amount of light they can enter our eye. The iris is a muscle that can make the pupil bigger or smaller. The lens bends the light so that it makes an imagine of the retina at the back of our eye. Nerve receptors in the retina save this information allong the optic nerve to our brain.HEARINGSound waves enter our ear and make the eardrum vibrate. This vibration also causes the three small bones in our ear to vibrate. This vibrations reach the cochlea wear they are changed into electrical signals. The auditory nerve sends these signals to our brain.

SMELLThe sense of smell is the abiliy to detect chemicals in the air. When air enters our nose throught our nostrils, chemicals come into contact with nerve receptors. The nerve receptors sends this information allong the olfactory nerve to our brain.TASTEThe receptor cells for taste are on the tongue innside each taste bud. The nerve receptors can detect different tastes and send this information to our brain.TOUCHThe epidermis is the outer layer of skin, witch cover and protect our body. The dermis is the middle layer of skin and contains nervs and tiny blood vesels. Nerve is the dermis can detect sensations, such as temperature and texture. This nerves send information about what's happening on the surface of our body allong the spinal cord to our brain.



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