The Selection

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The Selection

Character List:America SingerMaxon SchreaveAspen LegerCeleste NewsomeMarlee WoodworkAnna Farmer

Summary: A girl named America Singer puts her name into a raffle that could potentially change her life. Turns out, her name was one of the lucky 35 girls chosen. The prize- a young Prince Maxon. 35 girls compete with each other for the prince's hand in marriage, and role of the future queen. She becomes friends with Maxon and after explaining that she doesn't want to marry him, but is only trying to stay in the competition due to financial problems, he decides to make a deal with her. He would let her stay and continue to pay her family, and she would be his inside eye. Near the end of the book, after Maxon shares his first kiss with her, she starts to realize that this is where she wants to be after all.

Climax: There really was no large climax of the story, however, the somewhat shocking twist in the story is the appearance of Anden. He was recruited to protect the palace after its many attacks in the previous month.

Conflict/Resolution: The main conflict in the story is internal. America is confused about what she wants to do with her life. Does she want to be a part of the competition after all? Or does she want to go back to living her life how it was before the selectin. She decides that she does want to be a part of the selection, and decides that for now, she is choosing to win over Maxon's love, rather than being with Anden.

35 Girls. 1 Crown. The competition of a lifetime.

One- Royal FamilyTwo- CelebritiesThree-Great MindsFour-BussinessmenFive- ArtistsSix- WorkersSeven- Manual LaborEight- Untouchable


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