The Secrets of Child Labor

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The Secrets of Child Labor

The Secrets Behind Child abor

The Goverment Should Do Something About It

By: Sheiva H. and Cyan F.

There was a time when many U.S. children toiled in factories for 70 hours a week, until child labor laws went into effect in the 1900s. In 1900, 18% of all workers were under the age of 16.

Whats the History to it?

What is Child Labor?

You may ask what is child labor in the first place? Well, child labor doesn’t have one definite definition but there are a couple definitions used often. There is illegal, workto gain money, and work without pay. Many children work many long hours without appropriate pay. The most problematic labor done by children is illegal and no pay.

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Although child labor has its bad aspects, there are also a few of good things about it. One thing is that children are able to contribute to their family income making it easier for families to pay for things. Children can also work to pay off tuition fees so that makes it less money for the parents to spend. It can also give children skills that they will need in the future when they have to get jobs. This one is only good for the owners… There can be a reduction in production because they are younger and don’t have to get the same pay as adults.

Due to the poverty towards families and their children, people under the age of 16 are made to work to support their family when stuck in financial issues. Children end up having to find very harsh jobs because most of the stable types of jobs were taken up by adults.

Should the Government Do Anything About It?

Although there are good things that can come from child labor, there are still more bad than good. For example, the children that work in the fields, are abused by the owners. Also, there can be complications with the body. Most places that this occurs are on tobacco fields and children breathing in nicotine, can lead to medical issues.

What are some bad aspects of child labor?

Though there are many good and bad aspectsof child labor, ending it doesn’t seem like the most rational solution. Providing a more stable and suitable conditions for the ones that are working would

do better than just stopping the labor done by children.This would lower the sickness and death rates since the bad working conditions is a big issue for child laborers.

Sources: www.childlaborphotoproject.orgwww.hrw.orgwww.globalissues.org


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