The Secret Service

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The Secret Service

Jobs Under the Secret Service

By: Emma Madsen

The Secret Service

Who thought of the Secret Service?

It was created on July 5, 1865- the day Lincoln was killed. Lincoln created the Service along with Allen Pickerton.

What Is the Main Reason it Was Created?

With the rise of commerce, transportation, and communication; agents had to be highly trained. They didn't report to an attorney general but rather to their own leader, making the general mad. So the attorney general took 9 agents and created the FBI

Was First Created For-Financial crimes, such as prevention & investigation of counterfiting and fraud.-Protection, ensures safety of current and former leaders including their families.

Citizenship &Training

-You must be a U.S. citizen to be an agent-Agents-in-training must go through a 14-week training at Washington, D.C. Followed by an 18-week hardcore training to test physical finess.

Where are agents stationed?

-Agents follow the president wherever he goes whether on travel, or to meetings.-They are stationed outside the White House at all times.-Some are on the roof to prevent a long-range threat-All agents are trained for the weapon at their station-Agents outside the gates wear uniforms because they are required to be recignized as police officers.

The service protects...-president, vice president-immediate families of individuals-Former presidents and their spouses-children of president-foreign visitors of importantance-other designated individuals-any of these people may decline protection with the exception of the pres. and vice pres.

What does the service do?

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