The Secret Garden

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The Secret Garden

The Book is based on Mary Lennox's Adventure invloving the Secret Garden once she moves from India to Misselthwaite Manor in Yorkshire, England. In Misselthwaite, She disovers the secret garden and the plot grows from there.


By: Frances Hodgen Burnett

The Secret Garden

The book's story involves five main characters: Mary Lennox, Mr Archibald Craven, Colin Craven, Martha Sowerby, and Dickon Sowerby.


I have many favorite parts in the book, but overall, my favorite part is when the robin showed Mary the key, directed her to the hidden door, and there she found the Secret Garden!

Favorite Part

This book could be considereed the best because it stood the test of time. The book was published in 1911, being read for over 103 years. Classics such as The Secret Garden are those great pieces of literature considered worthy to be studied in English classes around the world.

Why This Book Would be Considered the Best


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