The Secret Garden

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The Secret Garden

Mary is very mean and a very selfish child. She finds her self alone after her nanny and family die. But when Mary is found she is put in the care of her fathers old head gardener. The garedener is unable to supprot Marry along with his own children and family so he sents her to her uncle's manor and then put into his care. She dosen't know where she is going or when she will arrive, until she until she finds herself in England on the moor country side, where her uncle lives. When Mary gets to the Manor, she meats someone named Martha Snowerby Martha is to be Mary's maid and new nanny.But she will only be her nanny fo ra little while, just until gets settled in her new home. After a while Mary and Martha become friends. About a mounth or so in to her stay, Martha tells mary about the Seceret Garden and the stoy behind it. Marry soon realizes that she wishes to find the scerect garden. So the day after that Marry goes outside to discover the new world that she now finds herself in. Along the way in trying to find the seceret garden she comes across an old garener named Ben Wheather staff. He had been at the house 10 years ago when the story behind the seceret garden fist began. A couple of days after meating Ben, Marry meats another companion, a robin in which has no name. the robin and marry become good friends, the robin is the one to lead Marry to the seceret garden key. Marry finds the door to the seceret garden and then has to chose if she exceps her new life or to be mean and sour for the rest of her days.



the theme of the story is becoming nice and learning to be nice to others. The story is also about learning to ecsept your self and the realization of the fact that beauty is not always on the outside but on the inside.

Mary- a yong girl about 8 is sour and mean and learns how to be nice and kind Collin- mean, weak, and spoiled and realizes that he is not as weak as people tell himDicken- a nice, magical and kind boy who befriends Mary and CollinMartha- Mary's first friend in her new surrondings also Dickens sisterBen Weatherstaff- an old grumpy man and tends to the other gardens on the estateMrs. sowerby- a mother of Martha and Dickens and becomes a mother figur to Mary


the story takes placeon the England moor around the late 1800s and early 1900s. about the time of the Great Deppresion in american history


The Seceret GardenBy:Frances Burrnet 

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Marry and a friend she makes a long the way (above) plant a rose bush

roses play a big part in the story (left)

an average day on the Moor (right)


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