[2014] Payton Anderson (ENG1Dd): The Second Trial

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[2014] Payton Anderson (ENG1Dd): The Second Trial


The Second TrialRosemarie Boll


"He said he wouldn't. He said he never hurt her again." This shows that Danny still believes that his dad is a good person and thats he would never do any harm when his dad is really a monster.

"He twisted in his seat and his eyes darted to the door, the escape from his nightmare." This shows that Danny wants to get away from here and is finding it hard to understand what his dad has done.

"What happened to his parents? What happened to his family? What was going to happen to his life?" This shows how confused Danny is and wants to know why this happened to his family when he thought is was perfect all along.


The second trial is an interesting story about the McMillan family who are going through tough times. Danny and Jenifers life will be turned upside down, their father Paul physically abuses their mother Susan. Paul is seen as a monster and Suan and the kids are forced to move and change everything. Danny has a extremely hard time with the move and is faced with many obstacles during the move. In the end he has to face reality and understand that not everything can be perfect.

The main theme in this book is apperance vs reality. Danny thinks his dad is the best dad in the world and could never do wrong but little does he know he is the complete opposite.

Literary Features

ConflictThe main conflict in this novel is person vs. person with Danny's mom and dad, Paul and Susan McMillan. Paul is an abusive husband and is sent to court for his actions. He is then realised and Susan and the children are forced to move away beacuse he is dangerous. This then turns into another conflict of person vs. person with Danny and his mom. Danny blames his mom for making them move and thinks his dad is still innocent.

Setting This story is set in Edmonton and Winnipeg in the early 2000's. At this time abuse was not as common as it is today.

Other important charactersSome other important characters in the novel are Danny's younger sister Jennifer. Jenifer is still young and doesn't quite understand whats happening but, adjusts to the move better than Danny does. Another important charater is Danny's grandparents (Susan's parents). The granparents are very supportive of Danny, Jennifer and Susan and it is very hard for them when they move away. Because of the circumstances they are no longer to contact Danny his sister and mom.

I chose the song mirrors by Justin Timberlake. I chose this song because it shows that looking in the mirror shows your apperance and reflection but it doesn't always mean that is who you are.


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