The Search For Wondla

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The Search For Wondla

Author: Tony Diterlizzi

Title: The Search For Wondla

Main EventsSome of the main events were in the first part of the book when it all started. Eva was in her sanctuary (which is where her and muthr live) and all of a sudden everything just started turning upside down, but not literitally like everything got really bad and this thing (also known as besteel the evil monster) started distroying their home and eva escaped but muthr didn't and you can find out why if you read the book. So that was one of the main events, there are more but that was one of them. (i just didn't want to spoil the story for you.)

SettingsThe place this takes place in is almost a forest of some sort but it has a lot of mysterious creatures. It's not like our kind of forest, they have bird-eating trees and things like that but another place that some stuff happens is the sanctuary. The sanctuary is the place that Eva and her robot care taker, Muthr, live in. In this sanctuary they have something almost like a tv but it's a hologram tv, and the show just pops right at you. Also in this sanctuary they have rooms like the gymnasium and stuff like that. But there are also secret doors that lead to seacret places. If you wanna find out where those secret doors lead to then you have to read the book!

CharactersThe main characters are Eva Nine,which is this twelve year old girl. Muthr is a robot care taker who takes care of Eva pretty much her whole life because she doesn't know her real parents but Muthr protects her and makes sure she is alright. Rovender Kit is this Blue creature type thing who speaks this different kind of languge but he gives eva this translator so she can understand him, but he pretty much helps her through her whole trip. Besteel is the evil monster creature type thing in this story. He is hunting down eva for a reason that you will have to find on your own by reading the book. Those are pretty much all the MAIN characters but there are more characters but these are just the main characters.

Problem, conflict


what did you think about the book?

In conclusion I think that this is a great book to just sit down and relax and also if you like adventure this is a good book to read. But if you want to see what happens to Eva you will have to read the book because it is really great what happens to her. So you should read it!!!

The problem in the story was Eva and her companions were out searching for a place to hide so they can get away from the evil Besteel but Besteel is just way too clever and he keeps popping up destroying anytihng in sight. So they take this long journey to try to find a way to get away from him. And they also meet some new creatures along the way, if you want to find out what new creatures and what happens to eva and her friends you have to read the book!!!!

I personaly think that this is a very good book coming from me but this is a very good book if you like adventure and it's just one of those books that you can just sit down and read for about an hour because it's that good!! I absolutely love this book, i would say that it is one of my favorite books, i have more but this is one of them. It is a very long book but once you start reading it you would start loving that it's long so you won't finish it anytime soon, unless you're one of those type of people who read whole chapter books in a day!!! But other than that i really enjoyed this book and you will too!!!

My Book Report!!!!


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