The Sea Of Trolls

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The Sea Of Trolls

The settin g of this story takes place in Jack's Saxon hometown, Jotenheim, The Beaches of the Picts and Olafs ship as well as the years 873 A.D.- 876 A.D. This book takes place in the three years after Jack was kidnapped.



Book report

Name: Kainoa Farinas Date: 10/14/14

The singular most important event in this book is when The berserkers, led by Olaf One Brow are sent across the see to eliminate the bard dragons tougue but instead end up stealing the little elven girl named Lucy and her Brother Jack. There was also the time made queen Friths hair disapeer and was sent into jotunheim to drink from murmirs well to undo the spell. Another main event was the point Jack was taken hostage by the Queen of the Trolls and had to meat the time altering Norns.

Main Events

This story contain several characters, theres Jack, Lucy, Mother, Father, (Jack's parents) Thorgil, Olaf One Brow, The queen of the Trolls, Frith, The Bard, Rune, Bold Heart, Brother Aidan And The Norns. (these are all the main characters)




Do you like the book?

There are several conflicts and problems in this story, but the biggest one is as soon as Olaf kidnappes both of the children and is ordered to take them back to the half-troll queen Frith.

The last and best part of there heroic journey ends after jack resores Frith's hair from the troll cats of Freya and the Cats get infuriated and attack the golden brown hair that was once theirs. After the Chase Jack was escorted home by Olaf's shipmate Thorgil. They arrive home to be greeted by long lost friends and family and live peacfully until Lucy is stolen by a elf in book two!!

I really enjoyed this book and would recomend it to people who enjoy fantasy, Mythological things, mystery or adventure.

I like the Book!



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