The Scuppernong Grape

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The Scuppernong Grape

The Scuppernong Grape was named after the Scuppernong River which runs from Washington County.

The Scuppernong Grape was adopted in 2001 by the General Assembly named this symbol the state fruit.

When was this symbol adopted?

Fun Facts

What part of the state or who was responsible for this symbols choice?

The Scuppernong Grape

Why was this symbol chosen to represent North Carolina?

1. The word Scuppernong is from the Algonquain Indian word ascopo which means, "Sweet Bay Tree."2. The same group of people that named the Scuppernong Grape the state fruit named the strawberry and the blueberry the state berries.3. North Carolina is the home to the first cultivated grape.

Sir Walter Raliegh was the one that named the Scuppernong Grape the state fruit. His name is sometimes spelled Ralegh.


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