The Scorch Trials

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The Scorch Trials

Author: James Dashner

Title: The Scorch Trials

CharactersThomas- brains Minho- leaderBrenda- helps Thomas Teresa- leader of group B Gally- tough oneJorge-piliot


Problem, conflict


What you think about the Book?

The problem is that the gladers are stuck in there trials. There in trial 2 and need to exscape. Wicked is the group that has traped all the gladers in the trails. Now it is all up to the gladers to stop the flare. Will they make it out alive?

Can anyone actually escape the Scorch? No, because whats outside the is much worse then what they thought. They thought it would be nice and perfect out side the Scorch and everyone would live happy ever after, but they were mistaken its the exact oppisite now they are still fighting for there lives.

I loved this book. I loved this book because i love action and adventure. There were so many exciting events that took place that made me keep reading. There was also romance and problem solving that got very interesting.

so,what!In this book there is action, adventure, a little bit of romance, and a tought disinges. Most peple find this book interesting others not so much. But if you like to read action novles or romace or even stuff like that. There are even 4 bookes in the series and coming out with a 5th!

This is the author James Dashner

Theme:adventurelesson:Fight For Your Rightthomas and his friends need to fight to get out of wicked territory.Even though Wicked has them traped.

"WICKED is good"This is what is at the end of every book. No one knows why they put that quotation at the end, looks like you will nedd to read the last book to find out!

"WORLD IN CATASTROPHE: KILLZONE EXPERIMENT DEPARTMENT." This is what Wicked means. This is who Thomas and his friends are fighting.

symbol of importance!


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